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FAQ's - 4bTravel

Frequently Asked Questions

Go anytime – you won’t be disappointed. However If you are prepared to travel outside of the peak season periods (APR-MAY and mid SEP-NOV) there are fewer tourist visitors & you will enjoy a more rewarding experience. We especially recommend June – July (Summer) and December-March (Winter/Spring). If you are trekking you will need to generally travel in the peak season months for suitable conditions.

Lets put this myth to sleep straight away! Because the Bhutanese Government has imposed an ‘all inclusive’ nightly tariff structure a Bhutan tour can ‘appear’ to be expensive. In our experiences with Bhutan we regularly receive comments from returning visitors on how great the ‘value for money’ genuinely is. Considering every visitor has access to a private guide, driver, private vehicle and a land package including all meals, accommodation, sightseeing, entry fees, transfers, taxes, Govt Royalties & visa fees it is indeed excellent value for money.

YES….and no! It is not possible to gain an entry visa for Bhutan unless you pre-pay for a pre-arranged land package itinerary with a licensed and approved inbound operator and pay the appropriate nightly tariff. Bhutan prohibits independent backpacker style visitors to maintain its strict cultural and ecological values. However please be aware you can enjoy a degree of flexibility during each day to hike, visit markets & villages and interact with locals as you wish. You can take your own private tour and you do NOT have to join a group tour….however it must be pre-arranged and pre-paid.

With the introduction of ATM’s in Thimphu & Paro in 2011 it is now possible to withdraw local currency via Visa & MasterCard credit & debit cards & Cirrus endorsed bank debit cards. The local currency called Ngultrum (nu for short) is pegged to the Indian Rupee which is also accepted throughout the Kingdom (except for 500 & 1000 rupee notes which are not accepted). As a more convenient alternative taking in Indian Rupees we strongly encourage visitors to take in USD/AUS/EUR cash and/or travellers cheques which we recommend as a back-up in case ATM’s are not working. Take low denomination USD to cover any small daily purchases and use higher denomination USD for exchanging into Nu at local banks and also for guide/driver tips at the end of the journey.

You can exchange money in the banks as well as in the hotels were you are staying. Rates will be better in the banks plus US$ is acceptable in almost all of the shops in town.

Guides & drivers expect their tip on the afternoon before you depart the Kingdom or the morning of your departure. Otherwise personal tipping is generally discouraged except for hotel porters and US$1.00 per bag would suffice.

Choose any of the tour programs and send us your passport details.

We will try to place you in a group of a minimum of three persons and a maximum of twenty-two persons if you don’t already belong to a group. For groups of less than 3 persons, there is a surcharge over and above the daily tariff.

How are the communication facilities in Bhutan ?

Bhutan is well connected and every town has IDD services. Internet cafes are available almost everywhere. Cell phones can also be used but you need to get Bhutan prepaid SIM

Card and recharge it. Recharge vouchers are available at every second shop in town.

It cannot be safer anywhere else in the world but anywhere else in the world it’s prudent to be careful.

The Tourism Council of Bhutan till the day you depart will with hold the money you have transferred. Travel Agents can only withdraw the money after your departure upon submitting your tour invoice. Therefore, your money is safe.

After paying the daily tariff, is there any other cost that we might have to pay on arrival in


Yes, things that are not included in the tariff are all beverages, telecommunications, tips, laundry, massage and souvenir shopping.

It is government rule that total tour payment must be remitted without which the government will not issue visa.

How does tourist process their visa ?

1.Decide the number of days you want to spend in Bhutan according to your interest and budget.

2.Decide the date and the port of entry (You can fly into Bhutan from one of these cities;

Bangkok, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Calcutta and Dacca) into Bhutan.

3.Fill up the visa application form (You can download the visa application form on our website).

4.Remit the total tour payment (You can download the money transfer details here). It is government rule that total tour payment must be remitted without which the government will not issue the visa.

5.Once we have confirmed dates, port of entry, dully filled visa application form, and money received, we will process your visa.

Except for travellers from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all visitors to Bhutan are required to obtain visa approval prior to their arrival, which will be processed by us.

Is tourism restricted in Bhutan and can tourist come by own?

Tourism is not restricted but the government sets the minimum daily tariff. It is also necessary that all tourists must come through a registered tour operator to plan your itinerary and process your visa. Tourist cannot come on their own unless they are invited guest.

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